Friday, May 9, 2008

Mangoes + Salsa

I realize I am a bit late for Cinco de Mayo, however it's better to celebrate late than never... especially when that entails eating Mexican food. Also with the combination of warm weather and itching to travel again I'm definitely thinking about sunny vacations. Since time hasn't been on our side recently, we've been enjoying culinary vacations around different ethnic themes each weekend. Nothing beats a fresh colorful salsa and a chilled beverage to welcome the weather and reminisce.

The food we had in Mexico wasn't so great - except for the 'mangoritas'. Below is also one of my favorite photos of Stefan, which was taken during that trip. I believe we had just learned in addition to it being happy hour our 'buy one mangorita get one free' meant we received two each and an additional shot of tequila - Welcome to Mexico!

I love mangoes, so naturally any kind of food or drink that incorporates them is great in my book. I must admit on occasion I do cheat a little bit and buy the mango puree at the Indian grocery. It is easy to have on hand when mangoes aren't in season.

Another simple pleasure is the specialty lime margarita salt that I packed when I moved - what a blessing after weeks like this one. One of my best purchases yet in Germany is my tiny food processor that is used nonstop in the summer for drinks, salsas, and dips.


Carlos said...

Hi Emily,

That mangorita sure looks good. It's great that you've been enjoying different ethnic cuisine. One thing I have not dared to try in Munich has been Mexican food. Having grown up in Southern California and now living in Texas, we surely know our authentic Mexican food in this part of the country. We've walked by a few Mexican restaurants in Munich, but have never dared to try. Have you?

Btw, my wife and I will be flying to Munich tomorrow via London, and can't wait. Hopefully we'll have some great weather the next few weeks?? Take care and best wishes!


Emily said...

You are a smart man Carlos! -- Mexican food in Munich is always a disappointment. I never will forget having a quesadilla that was filled with corn and carrots and covered with yogurt sauce ... or the time I swore the salsa was marinara sauce.

Have a safe trip and be sure to say hi if you see us out! I think the forecast will be great - we're finally having week long forecasts without a drop of rain in sight.

Enjoy your trip - I can't wait to hear what all you do!