Friday, May 30, 2008

The best bread in Munich

Ihle bakery is my absolute favorite bakery in all of Munich. It's located inside the Hauptbahnhof. Not only do they have the most delicious bread, but they are very friendly. Each day, without the sake of sounding boring, I buy the same loaf of bread - a 'Tomate Pane'. Even in Europe, good bread doesn't come cheap - it's 3.10€ /$4.82 a loaf.

The man that works behind the counter has grown accustomed to seeing me. He always reaches for the freshest loaf and then is a bit flirtatious. He follows up my order with an original and random question that makes me laugh. Examples are: if I want to eat it there or take it with me, if I want it with ketchup or mayo, if I want a bag, or if I want a tomato and mozzarella sandwich or the tomato bread that I order every day.

I love when people have fun doing their jobs. I know several grocery store cashiers here that could learn a thing or two about that. I think being kind to others would make them happier too. All I can offer is a smile and appreciate when I cross the path of someone else that enjoys life.

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Caitlin said...

That looks good! I am surprised at how expensive it is but I suppose England doesn't do very many interesting loaves...just the regular white and wheat.

I used to love going to get fresh bread in the morning in Germany. Especially any bread with cheese on it!