Friday, May 23, 2008

chilly weather

Lately we have been having constant rain. You'd think we lived in Seattle. I'm really kind of enjoying it though. I've always been one for rainy day accessories - umbrellas and rain boots are just wonderful, and I don't think there is anything more precious than a child in their wellies and rain slicker. When I was kid, we were allowed to go outside and play in the rain if it wasn't storming. We called ourselves 'puddle ducks'. It's been a puddle duck kind of week although the temperature is slowly rising.

I'm also enjoying the colder weather because it has me thinking about our upcoming trip for our 2nd anniversary. Last year we did the romantic thing of heading to Paris + Reims, however this year we have some adventure up our sleeves... we are going to go to Iceland and Greenland!

We figured it's a once in a lifetime kind of trip and we might as well check out both islands while we are there. I am a little sad that we will most likely miss the Northern lights, but we'll have plenty of daylight since we're visiting in the summer. We won't be far enough North for the midnight sun, but I'm still happy there are more options with the long day light hours. It's fascinating just how much day light really tricks your body. When we went to Stockholm for New Years it was dusk at 3:30PM and we definitely felt tired around 7PM.

The funny part is that my in-laws are also heading to Iceland in August. We just found out they booked their trip, although they are going towards the beginning of the month and we are going towards the end.

(photos of Iceland by Ragnar Th. Sigurðsson, photos of Greenland from Greenland tourist information)

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