Saturday, May 24, 2008


Lately I go back and forth with the idea of moving. Ideally we would appreciate a larger space, however we love our neighborhood and being so close to the city center. While we could always find something in the same area, it will probably take some time considering it's a desired place to be. Not only that, there are certain 'must have' features we'd want for an apartment when we already have most of them here. 

It's also nice to not acquire more things that will only tie us down. This will enable us to put money towards savings, traveling, and investing in other worth while things.

I'm also very happy with the possibility of acquiring art work. I already have my eye on another Joe Sorren piece.

The more we think about it the more we are content with the idea of staying here and making our home more tailored to our needs. It's great that Stefan is helpful in that department as he offers up suggestions as opposed to saying 'sure whatever, it looks nice'. 

As we discuss interior design aspects, I think of the beautiful things I have seen and saved from magazines, the internet, and design stores. I instantly recalled seeing beautiful and organic looking plastic pieces while I was 'working' in Salzburg. I must have the best job if I get free time to shop! These unique pieces are designed by French brothers, Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec. They can be restructured according to the owner's wishes, but what I like most about them is their versatility... they can function as a room divider or a wall hanging and come in a variety of colors.

I've also considered getting one of Tord Boontje's beautiful midsummer night hanging lights. I just don't want to go overkill on the delicate lacy effects. Plus, it's such a dramatic piece and I'm not certain it would go with the rest of our design aesthetic.

I guess the notion that we are even entertaining ideas of redecorating is exciting. Since we don't have a large place, it will be easy to invest in nice things and make it cohesive and tailored towards our personalities and interests. I'm sure I'm making it sound more simple than it actually is. Maybe we'll even enter the Apartment Therapy tiny spaces contest next year!

I'm also on the look out for a modern buffet that opens into a table. My Grandma has one, although I'm hoping to find an updated version. Unfortunately it was one of those days where I enter every descriptive thing I'm looking for into google and still come up with stories on Warren Buffet rather than a buffet. The closest match for a modern white buffet is one I saw in that catalog of Interio, a design shop in Salzburg. While it's beautiful, it's still lacking the table aspect.

I'm certain we can't be the only people living in a small space that want versatile pieces of furniture! ... The search will continue or perhaps we'll have something custom made.

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