Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ice Bar

After a long day of walking around town and visiting the Vasa Museum, we made our way back to our hotel where we went to the ice bar. We were promptly given capes and gloves and then directed in. The floor was quite sticky from people's drinks spilling over their ice cube glasses. Holding a glass made of ice took some getting used to. During our stay there were several empty glasses on the table that would occasionally slide off and onto the floor. I am sure the bartender's don't mind not having to do dishes.

I ordered the Absolut Copenhagen - a mix of vodka, watermelon liquor, and sparkling wine.

There were so many options and it wasn't terribly cold. We had considered staying at the ice hotel in Kiruna, Sweden during this trip, but we didn't plan ahead enough. The rooms there book quickly. It's only open during mid-Dec until February I believe, so perhaps next year.

They give you 45 minutes in the bar, and the time passes quickly. We had a great time!

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