Thursday, December 20, 2007


Hearing my family talk about my dog and how they still have to be cautious at the holidays really makes me miss her. She is so mischievous and will take ornaments off the tree and run so you will chase her. She is a chronic barker and borderline neurotic. She hates things being out of place and will simply stand at alert and bark if she sees the smallest thing that is out of place. Forget trying to pack for a trip... suitcases certainly don't belong wherever you place them.

Germany and Europe for that matter, are very dog friendly. I was so surprised when someone told me that it's a Bavarian law, that dogs must wear muzzles in public. Forget that... you are lucky if they are on a leash, but the funny thing is they are so well behaved. Better behaved than the school kids who are running amuck. (Yes, I realize I sound like a 90 year old).

If only I could be there to watch Mieka tear into her christmas gift this year! I'm thinking of you kleiner hund!

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