Friday, December 14, 2007

Defining moments...

What is my most defining moment and what has it taught me... (the answer is probably obvious).

I would say moving to a foreign country - it's an up and down journey that has taught me a lot about people, cultures, partially another language, and most of all about myself.

I've learned...

- living abroad isn't glamorous. I spend way too much time by myself. I get lonely from time to time.

- it's difficult to fit in being a foreigner. I have gained so much compassion for those that come to the US in search of something better.

- there are kind people and selfish people everywhere. Given the chance, I still believe people are innately good.

-The US fascinates people - they always wonder how we can land on our feet, regardless of the situation. It probably sounds ethnocentric of me, but it's a place of hope for so many.

- it is frustrating to not be understood, but on the flip side, body language and mannerisms tell a lot. Smiles work wonders!

- I will never in my life feel complete, there will always be a piece of me missing... I will always miss my family back home, or Germany if/ when we move.

- it's a blessing to move to a country and not be running from something.

- friends say they will visit, some do, many don't.

- there is no right or wrong way of doing things... sure it's hard to see friends sink roots in and buy homes, when I don't know where I will be living in a couple years. As much as I envy them from time to time, I am blessed to be able to travel right now.

- it's difficult to connect when friends lead such different lives, but all in all, good friends remain good friends with plenty in common.

- I've learned to be content with experiences and not things. It's so easy to buy things in the US because it's really affordable. Here there is no middle range. Obviously I don't buy clothes here. I've learned to save a lot of money.

-I realize that even during my lowest days I am very fortunate for what I have. I'm able to really value the time that I have with people I care about.


Anonymous said...

Those were powerful insights! Thanks for sharing.

Emily said...

Funny that I kind of forgot about writing this, but it still rings true - more than ever! Thank you for this reminder!