Saturday, December 1, 2007

Trip Around the world...

Stefan and I are considering the option of traveling around the world. It sounds like a dream come true. I have read so many travelogue memoirs that I can only imagine what an adventure it would be to live.

We were already planning a trip through Asia next summer, however it does give us more options to think about. We've also discussed if and when we move back to the US that perhaps that would be a good time. Our flights would be roughly 3,000€ each, or we could book them independently. Even though nothing is a reality as of now, it's still something exciting to think about. There are so many fascinating places to visit. We're definitely making the most of our time here... I was just thinking that November was the first month since May 2007 that we hadn't gone on an international trip together, which is pretty incredible. We'll be picking back up at the end of the month with Copenhagen + Stockholm... then the streak continues with a trip home and to Boston and /or Maine in February, and possibly somewhere in March for Easter weekend!

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