Sunday, December 2, 2007

More art

I was so excited while looking at a design blog today and seeing something I had searched high and low for. There was a copy of ReadyMade , that had an artist with beautiful paper works. I didn't buy it and of course it was then off the news stands. I checked their website and couldn't find it. I seriously couldn't get it out of my head. Low and behold I saw it again today. The Miami based artist is named Jen Stark. I can't get over the simplicity and complexity of it, which is so contradictory. I also love the use of colors and basic materials.

Here are a few more images and from different angles. There is something so fascinating about it. It does literally burst with energy and effervescence. The engineering mixed with the child like element of construction paper is just genius... and visually stunning.

photos: jen stark

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