Thursday, December 20, 2007

No work... all play (or cookie baking)

... So I didn't have to go to Salzburg and I am spending my day baking cookies and most likely reading or watching a movie.

I went to the train station to meet up with a co-worker this morning, and one thing I am really going to miss are the characters that linger about. There is a woman that I have aptly named Gollum, because she gurgles and groans at people as they walk past. She seems rather strung out, but what is striking is how fashionable she is... one day she will have a scarf with skulls on it or something extra to accessorize with. My other favorite is the French man that works for the tourist board. He was frustrated that no one brough bread for the birds, when my co-worker she said she would yesterday. Fortunately he brought a large bag of bird seed. I loved his accent as he told her, 'zou are a very bad gurl'.

It is starting to slowly feel like Christmas... despite the fact that I didn't go to the Krampus Run this year, and I also haven't frequented the Christmas markets too much. Our little tree is up and our gifts are overflowing, thanks mostly to my family, that just sent an enormous package with lots of presents. (Photo is pre-lots of presents).

I'm still not entirely sure what to make of a German Christmas. There are a few more formalities, less Rudolph and Snoopy Christmas programs, different cookies, a more quiet and intimate dinner... simple things -that are different.

I think back to last year and the trials and tribulations to make Christmas 06 so... unforgettable.

  • Stefan wanting 20 lights on the tree... they were 2 strands of 10 -- the best part - the wiring was white!
  • When I said I wanted two strands totaling 100 lights - he said 'it was going to look like Rockefeller Center'. 
  • Christmas lights on a lasso - as if a string of lights isn't frustrating enough... they have them in a circle. 
  • The oven that wanted to make my cookie baking a memorable, but not so enjoyable experience.
  • The drying boxes that were installed after Stefan flooded the apartment installing our dishwasher.
  • My sister visiting during all of the chaos, and yes -- during the drying boxes.
  • The Krampus that smacked Stefan and many mugs of glühwein at the markets. 
  • Amy + I getting yelled at in German that we must as to take photos of things at Tollwood. Yes, I understood - no I didn't respond. 
  • The Omas having real candles on their trees. 
  • Me guessing my gift from Stefan and making him mad... (I didn't peak!)
I told him we can't have children until his stumping skills improve - who lets someone guess their gift? He vetoed guessing this year... looks like no children for a while longer. I told my sister I was going to have to rent a car and put a huge bow on it and then put his gift in the car one year.

It will be interesting to see what Christmas 07 brings.

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