Wednesday, August 20, 2008

P.S. ich liebe dich

It's a pretty fitting theme for this week. I just happened to put it on our Amango list and it arrived today.

Amango is for Germany what Netflix is for America. If that analogy still isn't working for you, it's a home DVD delivery service where you pick the movies you want on their handy website, walk to your post box and pick them up.

It's even more of a simple process in America, where you can put mail back in your box to get picked up. Germany would rather make it's residents hunt for yellow boxes.

The anticipation for a new movie ranges between picking up a roll of film and discovering the old photos you don't remember taking (who still uses film!?) and knowing someone has a wonderful surprise for you (right Stefan?). It depends who is picking the movie. Stefan and I both have access to our list, so I can always bump my movies to the top or if I'm feeling especially nice I'll add something he didn't even realize was out on DVD.

I have wanted to see 'P.S. I love you' since I first saw the trailer in at the theater - and then even more once I found out my very own cousin has a minor speaking roll in it.

So tonight is my night. Stefan will just have to watch it again this coming weekend, because he is a sucker for romantic movies... OK, usually comedies, but I'm sure he'll sit through it so I can scream out 'hey that's my cousin!' and because he loves me so much.

Isn't love sweet?


Lane said...

I just watched this movie last Saturday. Get a box of tissues out, I mean it! Maybe 2 boxes!

What role is your cousin?

JoernandAllison said...

Stefan is such a sweet guy. Joern would rather be shot than watch a romantic movie.
You'll really enjoy it :)
Thanks too for the link to the German Netflix, I've gotta get started on that too!

Emily said...

I definitely got teary a few times. My cousin was the crazy bitch that didn't want to live in Brooklyn.

I have to agree on Stefan being a sweetie and on getting Netflix! I love coming home to a movie.

Bluefish said...

I liked that movie...pretty touching:)