Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Celebrating my day

Today I went on a little bit of an adventure. Some bits will have to wait until Thursday, so I don't ruin the surprise for Stefan, but let me just say he's going to be fantastically excited... I am too!

Last year, for our anniversary, I came up with the novel idea of going to Reims for the champagne tours. This year I kept it more local.

We're not really gifty - we'd prefer the time together or a trip somewhere, but I do love throwing a surprise into the equation! A surprise is always more exciting than the 2nd anniversary gift of cotton or china.

Outside of planning surprises my day was spent very productively, and entailed taking a lot of photos, reading on the subway, and buying some much needed chocolate.

What I can write about today is a great discovery - Obacht' ('watch out' in English), which is in the former space of servus heimat in the über touristy Platz'l. Both shops sell similar items, however Obacht' has the most precious Münchener Kindl Matrjoschka's (those sweet little Russian nesting dolls).

Marion, one of the shop's owners, also told me they are getting a dirndl version at the end of the month, which she had a sample of behind the counter. Now I face the dilemma of figuring out which one I just have to have. I also couldn't get enough of her dog that was lounging about the store and gave her some serious eye rolling when she asked him to move.

Happily enough, right across the street is Stolberg's chocolate shop. I tried not to over indulge, but every time I walk in I have to try something new. They always have a large assortment and new flavors... and chocolate makes me happy.

I can hardly contain my excitement, but I have such a fun surprise!


Holly said...

Oh, I love surprises... you're killing me with the suspense :) I' sure Stefan will love whatever you have in store for him!

JoernandAllison said...

Oooh, I can't wait to find out what the surprise is! Of course, Stefan too is probably much more excited :)
That store sounds so awesome! They really don't have anything like that here, Swabians aren't really pride people. But seriously, they have such cool things!
Sounds like you did some awesome exploration today.

Emily said...

I hope you get some surprises your way! I think after the rough week Stefan has had he'll be elated and maybe even a little bit jealous since it's something I already got to do.

I guess you can just add it to your list of things to do when you visit! It's quite a precious little place. I'm excited to eat all of that chocolate!

LORI said...

Oooh! I can't wait to find out what the surprise is!

Congratulations on your anniversary!

Emily said...

Thanks so much! I just posted about the surprise - he had no clue.