Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mad Libs Surprise

I really wish they made a Mad Libs for occasions like this. You know - the children's fun game where you enter nouns, verbs, and adjectives to make a funny story.

Instead I wrote a hokey poem with delightful photos to accompany it in order to surprise Stefan when he comes home.

Hopefully after the 10 rhyming clues (11 if you count the last happy anniversary message) he'll be able to guess what I did while he was away and where I will be taking him.

It's probably difficult for Stefan to go away on business, because I always do something exciting while he is gone... movies, dinner, anything but moping around. Lucky for him, I don't forget him while he's away. As he would probably say, 'I'm just testing things out to make sure they're OK.'

And test I did!

I spent my anniversary at... Allianz Arena! Yes, the beautiful structure that also is home to Munich's soccer teams. Can you believe it can hold 69,000 spectators and it's typically sold out?!

Stefan loves the soccer, I love the architecture - and we both win! It just so happens they now offer tours, including a VIP tour. I went to purchase tickets, only to find out the women selling tickets were entirely aware of what I was talking about, but since I didn't want to book it as a group they couldn't help me.

After going all the way out there (OK - in Munich time a 15 minute subway ride is a long time), I was just in time for the everyday English tour. So I had to make sure I was giving a worthwhile gift.

So what does a VIP tour of the arena entail you might wonder... he (we) will get an up close behind the scenes look at the inner workings of his favorite soccer team - FC Bayern München.

Not only will he get to walk through the dressing rooms, but he will also get to sit in the coaching dug out, and hang out pitch side. He'll also get to check out the press room and feel what it's really like to walk out onto the field. Of course this isn't during a game, but it will be exciting for him nonetheless.

And because I love to share, I graciously took the honor of taking photos for those unable to be in Munich: This is where the players, practice, change, get massaged, and rinse off, before they get paid way too much money.

And wouldn't you know it... there I am on the field.

For more information you can read about tours and visits at Allianz Arena.


Bluefish said...

This is a great gift! I hope I can visit the stadium when I'm there.

Anonymous said...

I'd marry you in a heartbeat!

That boy is lucky to have you!

JoernandAllison said...

That is about the most adorable thing I've ever seen. What an awesome gift for Stefan!!! Any true-blooded German would die for this opportunity (although not necessarily at this particular arena...) But seriously, so thoughtful!!!

Emily said...

They offer tours daily at 1pm. You should definitely check it out - it's quite neat.

You make me laugh! I'm just as lucky to have him.

He definitely appreciates it. You should surprise Jörn with something at the BMW Museum since he loves it!

Caitlin said...

Emily! You are amazing! I love it! I also love your handwriting.