Friday, August 8, 2008

Paris side trip

Lately, when I am traveling on my own I seem to encounter unexpected adventures. My trip back to Munich took longer than I had anticipated because my flight to Atlanta was delayed, which caused me to miss my connection to Munich. I was rerouted to the city I love, and the airport I hate... Paris's Charles de Gaulle. At least this time there were restrooms on the other side of the security check point.

The only benefits of this side trip to Paris were that the plane was quite empty, Delta now offers margaritas, and I had a nice consolation in being able to get a couple of French pastries. 18 hours later I am back in Munich.

It always seems easier to fly West and right now I am trying to concentrate on the positive aspects of making another trip that way in just a little over two weeks when we make our way to Iceland and Greenland.

Everything I packed arrived safe and sound thanks to my sister who helped me pack. She is most definitely a master packer. She rolls everything and finds the smallest nook and cranny to maximize efficiency, including my oversized Moroccan lantern, which she filled with things. 

I'm sure TSA enjoyed unpacking that. As predicted I found one of their notes and packing tape rewrapping it. They always check my things and I'm sure they dread repacking it all.

Thanks to Meem for helping me pack - and to my family for a wonderful visit.

The time always passes so fast, but I am happy to have little reminders of them here.


CraftyRachel said...

CDG definitely still holds my title for worst airport in the world. Although they do have trams now instead of busses, so that's some (small) improvement. Thank goodness for the Paul pastries to reward the confused traveler passing through!

Anonymous said...

That lantern is beautiful!

Glad to hear you had a good time in the States.

Emily said...

I know you've traveled a lot and unfortunately often out of CDG, so I most definitely believe you it's one of the worst! The Paul pastries were a sweet surprise.

Thanks! I thought it was quite pretty as well, which is how I justified bringing it back. It suffered a few dents and dings, but I'll chalk it up to character.