Thursday, July 10, 2008

Turning a new leaf

We have really decided to tackle our apartment and make it more personal. Tomorrow we'll begin to replace a lot of, as Stefan says, 'ramshackle furniture'. This is a day that I feared and also get excited for. I am already looking forward to not feeling as if a bomb went off here as we reorganize. As soon as our furniture is delivered tomorrow I know it will feel like a new chapter.

When I first moved to Germany I was hesitant of spending money on things that made the move feel permanent. I worried if purchasing a flat screen TV was too much of an investment. Despite my hesitations, I believe that was one of our first purchases - followed by a washing machine and dishwasher. Now I can't imagine life without them.

This included little things as well and went as far as struggling to buy new matching dishes, but slowly I came around and these things started to feel like necessities in creating a life.

I was afraid that being an international couple would mean moves to who knows where, and more material things that I didn't want to be attached to. I worried about not being able to use our electronics in a another country and about my dishes breaking during a move.

My parents can undoubtedly attest to this since they have a decent amount of my breakables in my childhood room and basement. While I still yearn for the day that I am able to have my dishes and breakables in one place, I have crossed that hurtle of wanting to enjoy the place that I am living. I've slowly come around to 'live in the now' and not dwell on what-if scenarios.

On a recent tour I gave I met a wonderful American woman who had also been through tumultuous moves. She really reminded me of what a special time in my life this is. We are free to travel and concentrate on being a couple. We have truly taken that to heart.

I believe this is the first time Stefan has had days off of work that we have not gone on a trip. Between the redecorating and hitting up several of our 'staycation' destinations, or going on a day trip, I'm already looking forward to having a more sophisticated place.

Since we have other obligations and won't be able to travel much during his vacation days, it gives me a small taste of what life will be like once we have different priorities. It only reaffirms my feelings that much more and we'll be enjoying these days while we have them.

Sayonara ramshackle furniture!


Cathy60 said...

It's good to change thing sometimes to improve the living !
good luck in moving furniture and finding the right place for each one !

Amy said...

Congrats on upgrading your furniture. We hope to move to Munich in a year - though we will have some lovely consulate furniture - but lots of lovely things from our travels.

Emily said...

Catherine - you are definitely right! I hope we get re-situated soon. Perhaps we can meet up again when you are back from France. Enjoy your trip!

Amy - those little lovely reminders of your travels will definitely make it feel more like home. Those are some of my favorite decoration items since they always have a story. I hope you enjoy Munich as much as we do!