Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cincinnati Friends

Sometimes I really miss Ohio... especially when I see new and exciting cutting edge things that take off a little bit of the working class right-wing persona that Cincinnati embodies.

I am really happy to see that it is growing into a more creative place. Two weeks ago it was listed on design*sponge and now this...

If I were home I would not miss the The Mad Tea {Towel} Party. It opens this Friday from 6-10pm at the Nicholas Gallery. The towels shown here are designed by Sigrid Calon a Dutch designer. I really wish I had seen them during our recent trip to Amsterdam.

The show includes 25 artists and designers from around the world and some very striking tea towels. I really wish they were available for purchase online.

Maybe... just maybe - someone can stop by and make me a little more envious. Please let me know if you do! The show runs through the 25th of July.

(image: nicholas gallery)


Lane said...

My mother-in-law would go bananas for an exhibit like that! She loves tea towels and seems to subconsciously collect them! Ohio sure is chic! ;)

Cathy60 said...

Perhap's you could go there next year !

Emily said...

It's not open all year or I would definitely go!

VisuaLingual said...

For anyone who's curious about the tea towel exhibit, I've just uploaded the installation photos:


The gallery is not selling the tea towels online [almost all sold immediately anyway] but, if you find any that you like in the photos, the exhibit site provides URLs, and many of the designers are on Etsy or have their own online shops.

Emily said...

Visualingual -
Thank you so much for remembering patrons from afar! I must admit it does make me a bit homesick, but I'm already looking forward to future exhibits during my visits home!