Sunday, November 14, 2010

Gift guide: Holiday Decor

1. Silver Mistletoe - It's always best to be prepared with a recyclable Mistletoe to bring holiday cheer - and plenty of kisses. (image delight)

2. Pottery Barn Organizer - The perfect way to organize wrappings, tape, and trimmings for those that love to give gifts and stay organized. (image pottery barn)

3. Winter ice canapé plates - A special edition from David Stark, which can be used through the Winter and for other festive events. (image west elm)

4. Gudari Sari Garland - A bright and beautiful garland with some history, since it's handmade from old Saris in India. (image sundance catalog)

5. Bakers Twine - The perfect way to tie up packages and present baked goods. (image crate + barrel)

6. Porcelain Origami Nativity - The coolest nativity I've ever seen. It looks like origami, only it lasts much longer. (image gumps)

7. Silver frame ornaments - A simple way to trim a tree and add some personality. (image crate + barrel)

8. Advent calendar canister set - I wrote about it before, but it is simply my favorite Advent calendar. There are so many ways to change it up, yet it's nice enough to use as decor. (image impressionen)

9. Gourmet cookie book - Sadly, Gourmet magazine wasn't able to continue publishing their print magazine, although they do have an ipod app for those that still prefer something slightly more tactile. For those that still like paper and flipping pages there's this collection of the best cookies in book form. (image Gourmet)

10. Johnathan Adler Relief Menorah - A classic and modern menorah. (image jonathan adler)

11. Dreidel Platter - The perfect dish for baked goods, like Kugel, Rugalach, and Sufganiyot. (image crate + barrel)

12. Hebrew Cookie cutters - Cookie cutters that help with those Yiddish and Hebrew spellings. (image modern tribe)

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