Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gift guide: Baby + New Parents

1. KidO Animal Homes - Durable wooden book with beautiful illustrations. (image kido)

2. Sassy mesh teether - An easy way to give babies really food for teething without the choking hazard. (image sassy)

3. Paper boy 'Hand Made' wallpaper - Beautiful wallpaper that's sure to spark imagination. (image paperboy)

4. Moby spout cover - A sweet little whale to protect little ones from bumping their heads in the bath. (image MoMA)

5. Wee gallery Art cards - Black and white cards for a dose of graphic. It's never too early to teach good design. (image Wee gallery)

6. Juvenile solutions baby cubes - An easy way to make and store baby food in the fridge or freezer. (image juvenile solutions)

7. Notneutral wooden blocks - A pretty collection of fonts and alphabet that is multiple puzzles in one. (image Notneutral)

8. Vulli Sophie la Giraffe teether - The iconic French teether that I'm told babies love to gnaw on. (image Vulli)

9. L.L. Bean Sunbuster shelter - Perfect for sunny days at the beach, park, or for building a quiet little den. (image L.L. Bean)

10. Baby Emi jingle anklet - A Cambodian tradition that helps babies become aware of their movements. (image Baby Emi)

11. Milkstars nursing shirt - A shirt that looks normal, but has a hidden panel to allow for easy feedings. (image milkstars)

12. Petit Collage mirror - An acrylic mirror that's safe for babies, who always love staring at themselves. (image petit collage)

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Lane said...

I love the wooden blocks, and that nursing shirt seems like a great idea! Great recs as always, Em! :)