Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gift guide: For a Cause

1. Sagaform Fresh Herb pot - Finally an easy way to attempt to have an herb garden that rivals my Mom's. There's also a three pot version available. (image Sagaform)

2. Time Lapse Plant Camera - A fun look at how plants - or anything else - changes and grows overtime. (image Signals)

3. Rose stem cleaner - Another excuse to buy and receive more roses. (image spoon sisters)

4. Origami banks - Pretty banks that donate money to St. Jude when you purchase. (image west elm)

5. J. Schatz Egg Lamp - The only downfall of city living is not having zillions of stars above - bring the stars inside with this dreamy lamp. (image J Schatz)

6. Pigeon Toe Ceramics handmade garden stakes - Pretty markers that are great for those that love fresh herbs. (image pigeon toe ceramics)

7. Kiva small loan - Help someone around the world finance their small business. (image kiva)

8. Gaiam Smart Powerstrip - Stops wasting energy when things are plugged in. (image gaiam)

9. Aladin Bento Box - Save money by packing a lunch. This small bento keeps hot food hot and cold food chilled for up to 4 hours. (image aladin)

10. Silver Origami Crane Necklace - An international symbol of peace that donates food to animal shelters with purchase. (image animal rescue site)

11. Water Pebble - Save water while showering, although there's a catch - overtime it recalculates so it's progressive. (image water pebble)

12. Recycling Bin Cart - An organized way to keep recyclables in order. (image frontgate)


Cecilia Turner said...

Just a quick thank you for all the nice ideas (especially in the last post, I didn't know what to buy first, the quilt, the parisien plate or the world clock), that really will make someone feel special. I adore all your ideas and input you give through your blog. It is one of my favourites.

Emily said...

Hi Cecilia...

Sorry to just respond now. We were traveling. I'm so glad that I could help. Thanks for the nice comments as well. Hopefully I'll have more time soon to write about the fun things I've been working on lately.