Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Gift guide: Cooking

I love giving gifts and the past couple years I composed gift guides with ideas for the holidays.

Here are some of the interesting cooking related things I've seen throughout the year.

There will be several more gift guides in the coming days and weeks.

1. Dr. Bird Juicer - A pretty hummingbird juicer to add some excitement to the mundane. (image imm)

2. Microplane Herb Mill - Quick and easy way to add fresh herbs to anything, plus fresh herbs smell delightful and I love microplane. (image microplane)

3. Lékué Decopen - This is a modern take on a decopen and had 4 interchangeable brushes, so you can make your meals look like the professionals. I like to write notes to Stefan on the edge of his plate. (image Lékué)

4. Quirky Waffler - This is in the pre-sale phase, because it was developed by an inventor. The waffle machine makes tiny cups, which can be filled with fruits or other breakfast delights. (image Quirky)

5. Jeni's Ice Cream - One of my favorites, and from my home state no less, is Jeni's Ice Cream. Even if Ohio isn't nearby you can order a few pints to have delivered. It's worth the splurge at the holidays and people tend to share edible gifts... (image Jeni's Ice Cream)

6. Carol Keys Measuring Spoons - Simple, yet beautiful and functional accessories to use while baking. (image imm)

7. Grass Holder - A fresh and beautiful place for letters or dishes. (image plastic land)

8. Norpro Bread Forms - An easy way to make canapés and shaped loaves of bread. (image Norpro)

9. Melamine plastic plates - 'Paper plates' that are great for a picnic or everyday use and recyclable as well. (image One Hundred 80 degrees)

10. Menu Stackable Cookware - Made by Christian Bjorn, these stackable oven dishes allow you to cook many things at one time and can go straight from the oven to the table. Form and function unite. (image A+R)

11. Bunny Dishrack - Chris Koens created this adorable dish rack, which would brighten anyones kitchen. (image design-3000)

12. Apron Cooking Guide - This is a great gift particularly for someone that lives abroad or does a lot of converting. (image John Caswell)

Happy gift giving!


anna said...

Hey Emily,

thank you so much for your fantastic gift ideas!
I just got this funny bunny dishrack :)

Emily said...


I think it's so sweet. Glad you enjoyed it as well. I'm sure it will brighten your kitchen.