Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gift guide: Toddler + Pet

1. Learning Tower - A stable tower that makes children countertop level so they can help in the kitchen or it can be used for forts and puppet shows. (image learning tower)

2. Little Pim DVDs- Learning language while young is the best method, so these educational DVDs can help. (image little pim)

3. Kalon Studios hut hut - A modern take on a rocking chair. (image kalon studios)

4. KidO stack + nest - Nesting objects for stacking or playing with during bath time. (image KidO)

5. 36 cube - For those older children who love puzzles. (image think fun)

6. Kaiku design wagon - A double seated wagon that's perfect for long walks or going to the market. (image Kaiku Desigh)

7. KidO memory matching game - Two levels of difficulty with extra cards available. The images are beautiful and can be used for learning. (image Kid O)

8. Haba Kaleidoscopic Blocks - Color mixing for budding artists and architects. (image Haba)

9. Uncle Milton Pet's Eye View - Collar camera that allows you to view the world as your pet does. (image Uncle Milton)

10. Spellwell cat toy - A decapitated mouse toy for cats. (image etsy Spellwell)

11. Karlie bunny hop - For teaching your bunny the fine art of rabbit hopping, which is a sport that's gaining momentum. (image Karlie)

12. Nina Ottosson dog brick - Keeps your dog entertained and fine tunes problem solving skills. (image Nina Ottosson)

Other sites for pet gifts:
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