Monday, May 11, 2009

Fire Rainbow

Yesterday I called my Grandma's house to chat with everyone and wish them a Happy Mother's Day. It's so nice to catch the entire family in one place. It really makes me miss those American family get togethers.

As they passed the phone around I kept hearing about the most beautiful rainbow and how unique it was. Once my sister sent me a picture I immediately recognized it as a rare Fire Rainbow, thanks to the WebEcoist.

Isn't it so beautiful? I never realized wishing my Mom a beautiful day would end up being so special!

They said it was stretched out and slowly became thinner. It only lasted 15 or 20 minutes, so it was definitely great they caught it.

Another work of art is the Sistine Chapel puzzle that my Grandma finally finished. She said it took 5 or 6 weeks from when she began and it was so much work that she thinks she'll be glueing it and having it framed.

Sounds like a wonderful get together had by all... wish I could have been there too!

(photo courtesy of my sister Meem)


Aisling said...

That is so pretty. Rainbows are one of my favourite natural phenomenon. I love finding a double or triple rainbow. Seeing these sights feel quite special. It's like someone up there is creating artwork for just that moment, just for you.

JoernandAllison said...

The rainbow is amazing! Sounds so lovely that you were able to talk to the family during a gathering- one of those really special moments.m

Emily said...

I've never seen a triple rainbow! I'm sure you get a lot of rainbows in Ireland. I couldn't believe how many we saw in Iceland. You're right - they are definitely nature making art!

I know you feel my pain - it stinks to be so far away from everything going on at home. At least they keep me in the loop.