Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Last year I made a gift guide with ideas for creative types in your life, which included 20x200.

They have many stunning small editions of original artwork- including the one that I just purchased today (above) from Shaun Sundholm.

I can't wait to find a special place for this print. How fun it is to be an art patron - even on a small scale.


siying said...

Hi Emily, I was wondering if you can share with me if its really difficult to get birkenstocks and a large range of them in Munich and the possible addresses that I can try? I heard its really hard to get them in Berlin

Emily said...

The best places to buy are EURO Schuhe Handel (Bayerstraße 27) - right outside of the south entrance of Hauptbahnhof. I think they have the biggest selection. They also have a very interesting array of odd shoes. I haven't been for a while, but last time I went they had tons of colors and styles.

Another option is Schuh Seibel (Petersplatz 8 - near Viktualienmarkt). I was just there a couple weeks ago and they had a wide range of the 'Madrid' style. I bought some of the new silver ones there.

Also near Viktualienmarkt are a few other shoe shops - one right under Berni's Nudelbrett, where they have the 'Piazza' line. I might need to get those next!

Is there a certain style or color you're looking for? I can let you know if I see them in town, but those shops are your best bet.

Cait said...

Nice artwork! What size did you get? I've seen a couple of pieces on the site that I like, but can't decide on the size if I were to get them.

Emily said...

I got the small one. I was debating on a larger one, but right now I only have a small place to decorate, so I didn't want it to be overwhelming.

Can't wait to hear what you pick out!