Sunday, May 24, 2009

Salt Chocolate

One of my biggest guilty pleasures is salt chocolate. Slowly I can see that it's becoming more mainstream, because I am seeing more companies manufacture it - even the salt companies. That puts me in a bit of a conundrum, because of course I have to try them all.

Here are some of the latest:

in't veld (Berlin) - milk + dark 75%

chocolate orgánico (Spain) - dark 70%

sal de ibiza (Spain / Germany) - dark 70%

domori (Italy) - milk

solnce (Slovenia) - dark 62%

The other new thing I've noticed is in trends is beer and chocolate. That seems especially fitting here in Munich. I still think it's rather unfortunate that the breweries here don't offer tours like the champagne houses in Reims.

There is a combination of the two at a seminar here in Munich on 5 June, at Stolberg Schokoladen for 49€ / person. You can find more information at der biersommelier.

While in Salzburg I picked up a bar of the Bachhalm Schloss Eggenberg bierschokolade. Evidently they even bottle their own beer to go with it, but they didn't have any available.


JoernandAllison said...

Thanks for reminding me that we have a salt chocolate from Cervia (Italy) to try.
The beer and chocolate seminar sounds like so much fun! I noticed that they have another one October 11th, maybe Joern and I should check it out!

JoernandAllison said...

Oh and I forgot- keep your eyes open for brewery fests. In the worst case, you two can always head out to Stuttgart when we have our Schwaben Brau / Dinkelacker fest- they offer tours of the brewery then :)

Emily said...

I bet you will like it! Now we need to convince Jörn to start producing it.

I've never been to a brewery fest - I will definitely keep my eyes open for that! Thanks for the tips!!