Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Date Night

I was pleasantly surprised to find two of the new Zagat 2009 books in my post box. I received them as a thank you from Zagat for completing their online survey regarding my favorite restaurants in Europe and New York City.

It looks like they are currently offering promotions for London and San Francisco, so if you sign up on their site and write a review they will send you a complementary copy.

Most of the restaurants they have listed for Munich are places we have heard of, however there are a few that are new to us.

We have a long list of places that we would like to check out so we decided to make a date night jar. Inside we've put the names of various restaurants we would like to try, which I hope will help for those indecisive evenings and will serve as a simple place to put new places we hear about so we don't forget. There are also a few surprises thrown in, old favorites, and Stefan's choice.

Here are some on our list to try - most recently visited and reviewed listed at the top:
(click the links for addresses, menus, and types of food or reviews)

ocui - review
Teatro Tapas - review
grinsekatze - review
Seven Fish
Nero Pizza
G Munich
Mangostin (airport review)
Schnelle Liebe
Boettner's - Pfisterstrasse 9
Punto Di Vino*
Rüen Thai *
* recommended by a kind reader - Sambasson.
Vielen Dank!!

Here are a few of our tried and true favorites (scroll down to restaurants)

If you are interested in restaurants in the area, I also suggest checking out the following links for Munich:
munich today
der feinschmecker


Bluefish said...

What a great idea. There are few restaurants that I want to try in Montreal, but hubby isn't here to share the love.

WW said...

A date night jar--what a fantastic idea! We are really indecisive when it comes to picking a place, and this sounds like the perfect solution. :)

Jessica said...

I think I love you! I just did the London survey, can't wait to get the book! I was amazed by how many places I've actually eaten in...

I may have to steal the jar idea, very creative.

Holly said...

Such a great idea- love the date jar!

Emily said...

You'll have to take him when he visits. When are you moving to Copenhagen?

I hope it works out for you! So far we keep adding to it, so it will keep us busy for a while.

You'll enjoy the book! We were surprised to find a small one in our neighborhood that we often pass and wouldn't have looked twice at.

I'm already thinking of other activities we can make one for like day trips and museums to visit. We'll see how it goes.