Tuesday, January 20, 2009



I appreciate how Americans come together, despite differences, in an event like this. Millions of people gathered to watch the event. In Germany, we don't even have the chancellor's inauguration on TV. This is the support and excitement that I really love.

Wouldn't you love to know the conversation between Obama and his wife at the end of the festivities once they go to their new home, the White House. When they are completely alone and brushing their teeth before bed what do they look into the mirror and think?

What was he thinking when he woke up this morning? Was he more concerned about potentially having to give up his blackberry or was he more concerned about pressing issues that the average American has no idea is even going on.

Seeing the humanness of the Obama Family and how he stumbled a little during his oath makes him seem like such a real person.

What does he think when he receives his briefcase with all of his bomb codes?

I really liked the speech from Reverend Dr. Joseph E. Lowery. His humorous ending "when Black doesn't have to get back; when Brown can stick around: when Yellow can be mellow; when Red can get ahead; and White can embrace what's right" really breaks things down. If only people could follow some of the words of wisdom, like 'be judged by what you build, and not what you destroy!'

Munich may have a visit from Obama for the NATO meeting next month. I can only imagine what chaos it could be.

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