Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pretty Reminders

I'm a firm believer in doing little things to make yourself and others happy.

Simple notes tucked into pockets, or into luggage, are bound to bring smiles to people's faces. I also think it helps to surround yourself with beauty - people who radiate happiness and make you feel good, as well things that brighten up life.

Being away from home makes me appreciate my friends and family so much more and to realize just how fortunate I am to have them in my life.

My family knows me so well and surprised me with the most thoughtful gifts for Christmas and my birthday. I would even go as far as saying it was one of the best and most memorable holidays for me. It was so nice to be home and have time with everyone.

A few of my favorite gifts that make me smile and think of everyone at home are a shopping basket, the classic style cafeteria trays, and further fueling my wanderlust is 'The Europe Book' by Lonely Planet.

My shopping basket makes grocery shopping that much more enjoyable and the reactions to it are priceless. The cafeteria trays make me think of cookouts and gatherings, plus they are eco-friendly. And I'm already reading up on Rome for our upcoming trip... and the smallest country with the lowest birthrate in the world - The Vatican.

And what do you know - as I was unpacking I found notes in my own luggage. What sweet reminders of home.


Aisling said...

That is so sweet.

JoernandAllison said...

Your gifts are definately sweet reminders of the kindness and thoughtfulness of your family. I am intrigued by the Europe book, and have now already checked it out on Amazon.
Hope you saved the notes, amazing what a little note can do to brighten your day, your week, or the entire time until you're back home again.

Emily said...

I agree! It definitely brought a smile to my homesick face.

I am so thankful! The Europe Book is also available in Asian and African editions, that I also have. They are such good resources and the beautiful photos don't hurt! All of my little notes I have stashed away, they are such good reminders.

Jessica said...

The Europe book looks awesome. I am going to have to buy that now for sure... thanks for the tip!