Saturday, January 17, 2009

Winter Zoo

Today we went to the zoo with Martina. I don't typically thing I would hit up the zoo in the winter, but surprisingly the animals were quite active. I don't know if it was due to the warm spell or if we came around feeding time.

We decided to meet in front of the petting zoo, which was closed due to 'brunft' (animals being in heat). One mother told her daughter that and then asked another mother what 'brunft' meant.

I stood around eavesdropping on the conversations and then came a small girl, who was probably 5 or 6. She was telling her friend that the petting zoo was closed and people can't be around because the animals are 'wild' and then she started telling her that the two men fight and the strongest is the papa.

I had a great laugh out of that, especially for how knowledgeable and articulate this little one was.

Several of the animals seemed to be stressed and really discontent. One of the polar bears and one of the wolves were just pacing in the same pattern over and over again. That was really disheartening. We got another good laugh out of the jaguar pictured above, who took a swipe at a little boy on the other side of the glass, who then fell down.

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Abby said...

Ah the birds and bees chat...not really looking forward to that!

I never know how to feel about zoos. I love being there but then feel guilty later :(