Sunday, January 4, 2009

Washington, DC

Visiting family is something I never can get enough of. We were lucky enough to visit some of my family in the DC area and it always surprises me how quickly my cousins are growing, it's the harsh reality that time doesn't freeze while I'm away. It can be so difficult to feel like I am missing out on so many things at home.

Our first stop was to the National Air and Space Museum at the Udvar-Hazy Center, and the IMAX theatre. I was most amazed by the Enola Gay (plane to drop the first Atom bomb), Concorde (retired passenger plane that broke the sound barrier), and the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird (reconnaissance plane).

We managed to squeeze a bit of time in to head into the city and observe the Obama inauguration preparations. Our first stop was the Capitol building, which I forgot was so grandiose and majestic.

I always have to remind myself that the Greek buildings these are fashioned after weren't white, but very colorful in their day. I can't fathom a multicolored Capitol building or White House.

The city was filled with bleachers and construction as everyone was gearing up for the big event on January 20th. The tickets to go up the Washington monument were sold out for the day by the time we arrived, but we still enjoyed the sights as much as possible.

It had been such a long time since I visited Washington and this was my first visit to the National Museum of the American Indian. The building is so striking with the undulating lines and the Kasota limestone façade is aptly fitting.

A lot of the architecture in the capital is really beautiful. The row homes, especially in the Georgetown area, make me wish more of the country had architecture like that. I think the close living and open parks give more interaction, consideration, and compassion for neighbors.

My aunt and uncle did all they could to give us the things we don't have in Germany. We went out for Mexican, chicken wings, and they surprised me with an ice cream cake for my birthday. Again, the best part was having time with them.

My family has a history of sharing birthdays and I'm not alone. My cousin, Caitlin, was born the exact day and time that I was, only 18 years later. This year we were able to celebrate our birthday together, which was really fun.

I miss everyone so much and hope it's not so long before I see them again!

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JoernandAllison said...

First of all, Caitlin is adorable. That is really special that you two were able to celebrate your birthdays together this year.
Wasn't it cool to be in DC to see the set-up for the inauguration? I think that it would be amazing, but crazy to be there for the actual event. But, being there beforehand gave you a kind of "behind the scenes" view of the inauguration process.
I love the architecture in all of DC, and especially Georgetown as well. I was sad that we couldn't get to more museums, and will have to add it to our next trip. How was the mueum of the American Indian? The building itself is amazing!
Glad you had such a nice time in DC!