Monday, September 15, 2008

Parisian Munich

Yes, life has gone on since our trip. For some reason I am so seriously happy that I can't even contain myself. I have no good reason why, but I will take it.

The weather has cooled off substantially and autumn is really making it's presence felt. I love the brisk wind - and even the occasional rain.

Right before our trip, Stefan and I ran a lot of errands. We were in the Isarvorstadt neighborhood, which is traditionally the gay area of town, when we stumbled upon an adorable little French café called Rive Gauche.

It was as if we had been transplanted to Paris - complete with pain au chocolat and a yummy goat cheese salad. The owner's cute little son also set the tone as he was chatting with them in French.

It was so delightful.

Along with the French theme, this morning I made crêpes and Stefan went into work late. It was such a great start to the week, since he will be away, and a fun breakfast. I always love the little things.


Melaina25 said...

I had a Nutella crêpe from a place by my office called Crêpe a Croissant for breakfast this am.

I know crêpes are French, but I first had them when I lived in Germany, also where I discovered Nutella, mmmmmm.

Emily said...

There is a crêperie that is near my apartment that I LOVE... it's such a cosy little place that I always take my girlfriends to and we just enjoy wine, great conversations, and of course... crêpes!

I'm so glad you also have one near you! Thanks for reminding me I need to buy some nutella!

Bluefish said...

Delicious food...I haven't been able to catch up with all your wonderful posts when I was in DK. But I'm back in Canada now, so I'll read your blog religiously.

I had a great time in Munich although not many Germans speak English. It was a definitely a challenge since I never learned German. I will be posting my trip soon. Take care:)

JoernandAllison said...

Hooray for French cafes with goat cheese salad, all in Munich! Sounds like a wonderful little find. See, although life without Greenland and Iceland may be different, life in Munich isn't always boring either :)

Emily said...

I can't wait to hear more about your impression of Munich. I think Germans are occasionally stubborn when it comes to speaking English - or they tell you they don't speak well and then carry on a fluent conversation. I'm sure it kept things interesting!

You're right - we just have to keep discovering new hidden things that are right here at home.