Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lauren's here!

I absolutely love having visitors, of course it helps when it's someone you enjoy having around. I went to pick Lauren up from the airport at the dark hour of 5:15am. I was overjoyed to see her.

Not only that - she brought me some of the amazing Vosges cookies that I have dreams about. How sweet is she? I've already put them in the freezer so I can have them around for a while. The Naga cookie is my favorite, but she also brought the newest - Bianca, which is white chocolate + coconut + lavender flowers + Australian lemon myrtle. I can't wait to try it.

We took naps before hitting town and had a very successful day enjoying the Bavarian way of life - complete with dirndl shopping, enormous pretzels, seeing pig heads in Viktualienmarkt's meat area, and tying up the evening with homemade schnitzels, knödels, and weißbier. It was quite a busy day!

I'll get some photos of Lauren and myself exploring Munich in the coming days.


Bluefish said...

Have a great day with your guest!

JoernandAllison said...

Oh yay! I am glad that you're having such a great time with your friend. It can be so lonely living overseas, and it is so nice when someone from your old life comes for a time to share in your new life. Plus, you have the opportunity to create many new, unique memories :)
The cookies sound wonderful! But the pig's head was a bit disturbing!

Emily said...

Thanks! I'm hoping to still update my blog often.

You are definitely right - it's so nice to have familiar faces and see the city through someone else's eyes. You're lucky if you don't have pig's heads around Stuttgart!