Thursday, September 25, 2008

Deutsches Museum

On a drizzly day there is nothing better to do than head to a museum. I was excited when Lauren picked the Deutsches Museum because I had sadly never visited.

We walked through the halls admiring enormous airplanes, boats, and tunnel construction. I was really fascinated by that. I can't say I was too reassured looking at the cross section of a Lufthansa plane. Is that seriously all that's under there? I guess they have to keep them as light as possible and my enormous bags probably don't help.

Now I know that with my love of subways that I need to head to the MVG Museum here in Munich. If you are in love with subways like I am, you can check out the Metro Bits website that has loads of information on cities with subways.

My other favorite areas included the arts - photography, glass, ceramics, paper, and printing. We were too late for any of the demonstrations, but it was still nice to see walk through the exhibits.

In the photo exhibit they had quite a collection of cameras and information about how they function. I loved their transparent touch screen that allowed you to pick cameras you were interested in to obtain more information.

It was rather cute in the paper area that they had small origami stations and people could try to build the strength of paper using folds. Even the wall and seats were made of cardboard. Lauren tested her hand at making something (we didn't really know what it was) and eventually gave up.

The printing rooms were really impressive. There were really old presses and even a small area about the art of bookbinding. They were all so German thanks to Johann Gutenberg.

I also learned that Germany was very important in making color during the 19th century. I loved their vials of bright colorants.

After going to the museum we headed over to Gast for dinner. We had a great time and tomorrow Stefan comes home to join in on the fun. We'll be going to the Oktoberfest and Coldplay concert.


Bluefish said...

Unfortunately, we didn't visit the museums on our trip. There are so much of Munich that we didn't see. Next time we'll go back for the Oktoberfest.

Printing is definitely a very significant movement during the Church Reformation.

JoernandAllison said...

The museum looks awesome. Their displays seem very educational and their presentation seems superb. The Baden-Wuerttemberg history museum is similar in presentation. It is funny that you can live somewhere, and not see things until you are with a visitor. I didn't know that about Germany and color making either!
Hope that the Coldplay concert was awesome and that you had/ have a great time at Oktoberfest again!

Emily said...

It's hard to visit museums when it's so easy to take in the culture on the streets. Maybe next time! There are definitely some great places here. And Oktoberfest is a fun time to be here for sure!

The museum is fantastic! It makes having visitors even more important and I can be a tourist in town as well. You'll have to check it out when you get back here!