Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Munich Surfing

Lately Munich is really all about surfing.

The Eisbach wave is nothing new, but there's recently been a bit of publicity around it and the surfers that make this special river a bit of a tourist attraction. I have to admit, I stop by every time I pass. I also love seeing people on the tram or bus with a surfboard. It really never does get old.

Keep Surfing is a newly released movie about the Eisbach, while there is also a Surf Festival the 4th-6th of June.

Stefan and I were lucky enough to be in Hawaii when the Eddie Aikau 2009 Quicksilver big wave competition was, last December... and let me tell you - it was awesome.

We got to drive up to Waimea Bay and watch the surfers tackle 50 foot waves. The weather has to be absolutely perfect or the competition isn't held. Obviously there's no comparison between big wave surfing and our little wave here in the city, but it's always fun to watch man vs. nature.

I'll write about our Hawaii trip as soon as I can... I'm neurotic about keeping things in order, so you might have to be patient for a little while.

(poster courtesy of Quicksilver)


JoernandAllison said...

I can imagine that it never gets tiring to see someone in Munich with a surfboard. It seems so out of place, yet so in place knowing that people surf in Munich.
Yeah, I'm sure its no comparission to big wave surfing, but as I've learned, sometimes you have to make do. And of course, sometimes you just have to go to the real thing as well :)

Anonymous said...

Surfing in Germany, how unexpected and cool.

Emily said...

It's now legal too... so surfers are popping up around the city in other places, like the Reichenbachbrücke near the Deutsches Museum.