Sunday, September 20, 2009


I couldn't leave Munich without writing a little bit about the 176th Oktoberfest.

As we arrived we noticed people sleeping in the lawn. Amazingly some people come to Oktoberfest without a place to stay. They put their luggage or bags in the train station lockers and are able to shower at the Hauptbahnhof. I can't even imagine.

The Australian consulate even relocates to Munich during Oktoberfest from their Berlin office, because people often lose their passports / wallets. If they don't have an ID it makes getting a train ticket more difficult.

We walked through on opening night, because I love seeing the lights at dusk when the colors are so beautiful. The tents were packed and the drunkards were everywhere.

Not only is tons of beer consumed, there are also plenty of carney rides. I never go on them, but it is interesting to watch. The 'Top Spin' was particularly interesting, because it nearly dunks the people in water. I also love the 'star flyer' sky swing, but I don't know that I'd have the nerve to get on it.

There were bachelor parties, couples strolling through, and plenty of food for drunken hunger pangs. In some places you can walk through and feel as though your lungs are coated with sugar from the saccharine sweets for sale. They are never as good as they smell.

It's a great place to visit for some interesting photos - if you can handle being run into by drunks and dodging the manure and detritus on the ground.

We'll get decked out in our tracht and celebrate tomorrow.


Bluefish said...

I hope I can make it to Munich next year! That's a party that can't be missed.

JoernandAllison said...

It seems like Oktoberfest was a bit anit-climatical this year considering that you're leaving so soon. We actually plan to leave the Volksfest here at dusk, because the drunk people are a bit annoying, and because you can't get into the tents. I'm glad you two made it though this year. It has definately become a tradition for you!

Oom Munich said...

Hi Emily,
I went to see the parade today and got to visit the fest too. We could have run into each other..ha..ha..unbelievably crowded!

I'd just like to wish you and your husband a good around-the-world journey!
Looking forward to seeing your pix!

Emily said...

It's definitely a fun time! You'll have to start looking early, so you have something exciting to look forward to.

We're still going to visit again, but I'm a little disappointed since we have more friends coming to town that we won't get to meet up with. Volksfest sounds so similar - getting into the tents and dealing with drunks can be super frustrating.

I love the parade and was sad that we missed it. Thanks for your well wishes. I'll tell Thailand you say hello!