Friday, September 18, 2009

Munich Zentraler Omnibusbahnhof (ZOB)

The Zentraler Omnibusbahnhof (ZOB) has opened right at the Hackerbrücke S-bahn stop and it is a very welcomed addition. I love seeing Munich modernizing it's image - at least with some new architecture.

This will serve as a bus station, but it also has restaurants and shopping. We decided to check it out today and were certainly impressed. It felt as though we were on vacation, because it was so foreign to us.

We had lunch at Vapiano, which is an open kitchen style restaurant that is actually branching to the US.

They have another location at Fünf Höfe, which is an equally as impressive design oriented restaurant and shopping area.

Here are a couple more photos, including the bus area, which is located underneath the shops and restaurants. It looks like next year we'll be able to entertain the idea of traveling by car, plane, train, and now bus.

Through the coming months we'll also often be traveling by foot, so I was really excited to get these adorable red shoes in a package from my parents.

I've never owned crocs - and I am one to agree most of them are heinously ugly on anyone older than 8. What swayed me was their lightweight and anti-microbial aspects, which will be nice for our trip.

(Thank goodness the rhinestone on the side is covered by my pants.) I bet you wouldn't have even guessed that they were in fact crocs.


Geoff Teale said...


I work in the ZOB, for Elsevier up on the 2nd floor. Glad to see someone noticed it - I keep proudly telling people I work there and most Muencheners say "the what? Where?".

Loddelina said...

I love the shoes!
I agree the crocs only look cute on children. But these are so much more stylish - good job!

Emily said...

What a cool place to work! I'm sure you are loving all of the new restaurant options on your lunch break.

Thanks! They are really comfortable - like they say, but I like to think they at least somewhat normal. I'll see how they hold up to 4 months and lots of walking.

JoernandAllison said...

Those are adorable Crocs! And they will be very useful for you because they are so lightweight and like you said, for the anti-microbial properties! They seem to hold up well with our kids at school.
It is so fun to watch a city evolve. I'm sure Munich has some changes up it's sleeve while you're gone too!

Emily said...

You'll have to come back in the new year so I can show you some of the new spots around town.

Lorry said...

I have the very same Crocs in black. :)