Saturday, September 5, 2009

Münchner Kindl

Sometimes when I walk through town I play spot the Lion or Münchner Kindl, which are both ubiquitous symbols of Munich. They are literally everywhere.

The lion came about because the city was founded by Henry the Lion in 1158. The Münchner Kindl has changed a bit through history - it first began in the 13th century as a monk and over time has transformed into being a young girl. It's very prestigious to be the Münchner Kindl, who leads the Oktoberfest parade.

We will be attending Oktoberfest this year, as always, although I'm not sure if we'll attend the opening parade. While opening day is a lot of fun it's also a lot of drunken people who pass out or get sick before the mayor taps the first keg at the Schottenhamel. I have no issues in avoiding that.

Above is one of my favorite depictions of the Münchner Kindl - atop the Rathaus (town hall) at Marienplatz. It goes easily unnoticed, but it's always watching over this wonderful city.


JoernandAllison said...

When does Oktoberfest start this year? It is nice that you two will still be able to go to Oktoberfest, since it seems to have become quite a tradition. I'm off now to research if there is a symbol of Stuttgart.

Cait said...

Yes, that Kindl does go unnoticed, I can't remember realising it was the Kindl - I guess I need better eyesight!
I'm very jealous you're off to Oktoberfest, have a mass for me, please?!

Emily said...

Oktoberfest starts September 19th. We'll only be able to go for opening weekend, which is always mayhem, but I'd at least like to visit once.

You'll have to let me know if Stuttgart has a symbol as well.

It's not so simple to see, especially if you're standing at Marienplatz and attempting to look up. I will most certainly have a maß for you. I wish you could be there too!

Moya said...

Best wishes to you & Stefan on your adventures! Can't wait to hear your stories, see the photos, and see where your travels take you to.
We'll raise a mass to you at Oktoberfest.

Emily said...

Thanks so much! Perhaps we'll get to catch up with you at Oktoberfest or a biergarten before we go, although I know you will have some jet lag to deal with when you get back. I hope the Munich weather treats you well this fall and winter - with plenty of snow for Sophia to go skiing.