Saturday, November 29, 2008

Haba Recall

Since I am constantly saying how much I adore the toy brand Haba, I thought it would be important to note today I learned that some of their toys have been recalled since August. You can see which toys are affected below and by clicking here. The link includes a form for postage paid refunds and exchanges.

No children have been injured, but it appears the problems are mainly with the toys that have prism and mirrors attached. Unfortunately some of my favorites are included in this recall - like the Bonita rattle.

While I assume the recall is global, I'm still not sure. The German site does not refer to the recall, but earlier this month despite picked over shelves, I was still able to purchase several of these recalled toys in Munich. Regardless, if you buy Haba toys I thought I would spread the word.

(images Haba)

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CraftyRachel said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog and the head's up! Jax is still too young to play, so he hasn't even touched any Haba toys for the moment. We have "Max" but I don't see him on the list. Let me know if I'm missing it! It doesn't have mirrors, so maybe it's safe? I had some of the others on our registry and took them off. I still love Haba toys, and admire them for recalling the toys before anyone got hurt.