Friday, November 14, 2008

Gift guide: Travel

We do a lot of traveling, so I am always on the watch for innovative new products that seem practical and user friendly while you're on the go.

1. Liquid Image camera mask- This is great for those who love to snorkel. It allows you to swim and take photos and video of exactly what you are looking at. (image Liquid image)

2. Built NY wine tote - We have one of these and it's wonderful. The secret is to bring it in your carry on and then purchase wine at the airport AFTER you have gone through all of the security checks, so you can carry it on. The only hang up is this won't work if you fly intercontinental with a layover and need to recheck bags. (image built ny)

3. Flexible Tripod - This is another gadget we travel with. I appreciate it because it securely wraps on virtually anything for self portraits. The camera base screws onto the top and is also removable, so you don't constantly have the tripod attached. It comes in two sizes for small cameras and also for SLR's. (image joby)

4. Trunki - Although I don't have children, this looks functional when children on the go get tired and it's not worth hauling a stroller along or they are too big for one. (image trunki)

5. Personalized Hometown Necklace - A great way to remember a special place (provided, of course, that it's in the US). (image signals)

6. Chronicle books city walks - These are so portable and helpful in navigating a new city. Each small map contains a path with information regarding sites and historical information. (image chronicle books)

7. MoMA World Time Clock - This was designed by Charlotte van der Waals and together there are 24 cities representing the 24 world time zones. It's simple but very practical for those who are globetrotters. (image MoMA)

8. Visual dictionaries - depending on where you are traveling you may want Point it (a wordless image heavy book) or if the language is more readily available I love these bilingual visual dictionaries. They are nicely laid out in categories and it's small enough to carry through day to day life. I always recommend these to new ex-pats. (images DK + amazon)

9. Door stop alarm - Great at insuring safety and privacy. It functions not only as a door stop, but also as an alarm (which can be deactivated). The only potential issue is that once it is in place medical or emergency works are also unable to enter. (image amazon)

10. Lonely Planet Books- These are such a beautiful coffee table books that double as planning tools. One of my favorite features is that they tell you what the area is known for and current issues facing each place. I consult mine before I we travel to a new city. 'The Europe Book' is the newest edition.

11. Moleskine city notebooks - I tend to take a notebook when I travel to write observations, experiences, names of restaurants, directions, and general thoughts. These notebooks take it one step further and include tabbed sections, subway maps, city maps, and places to put ticket stubs and other ephemera. In essence, you write the guide yourself. (image moleskine European Paper Company)

12. Lewis N. Clark Passport case - I really love this because its bright color makes my passport easy to find and provides a bit of anonymity. (image Lewis N. Clark)

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your gift guides. I'm putting most of this one on my Christmas list! And I'm going to use the baby one when shopping for all my friends back home. Thank you for taking the time to do this!!

Bluefish said...

Great post! Now I need to find one of those tripod.

Emily said...

I'm glad that I can help! I still have a few more to come.

the tripods are fantastic - we use ours so much more than I expected to.