Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gift guide: Babies + New Parents

So many of my friends are having babies, so don't get too excited that I've been more aware about baby things that are now on the market. I love finding the perfect gift for people - little ones who aren't even born yet are included.

1. Candleloo lanterns by Vessel Inc.- These are so cute and come in a variety of shapes and colors. They work automatically when taken off the charging base to provide a flame free lantern and a bit of light. (image vessel inc.)

2. Itzbeen - a multifunctional timer that allows parents to keep track of important times - how long it's been since the last feeding, changing, medication dose or how long the baby has been sleeping. It's probably good for sleep deprived parents. (image itzbeen)

3. Goosie cards - I am always on the watch for things that pertain to education and that can bridge distances. These are great for teaching about the rest of the family, who might not always be near by. I've read they are also great for children with autism. (image Goosie cards)

4. Coocoose - an apron for parents givings baths, and it doubles as a towel (provided your child isn't a splasher). (image coochico)

5. Babyprints keepsake - A timeless and simple reminder of how fast children grow. (image amazon)

6. Orbit labels - make it easy to identify cups, bottles, and cups. They are reusable and can be personalized. (image inchbug)

7. RaZbaby Silicone teether - The entire pacifier is a teething toy with various textures. It can also be frozen. (image RaZbaby)

8. Beaba babycook - French baby food maker that steams, dices, and blends food. It also works as a warmer. (image Williams Sonoma)

9. Mimi Lou wall stickers - these are so simple and so adorable. It's even possible to have them custom made into portraits. (image Mimi Lou)

10. Blurb books - You can design a book telling a personal story, creating a family tree, or simply to contain photos of the new baby. The possibilities are endless and you can really get creative with these. Besides, it's never too early to start loving books!

11. Etsy baby leather Moks - This website has beautiful handmade gifts, clothes, and shoes for adults and children for sale by independent sellers. These little shoes are so sweet. (image etsy seller scandeez)

12. Haba - one of my favorite things in made in Germany. Please read this post before purchasing! Several items have been recalled.
These wooden toys are simply stunning. Best of all - they are all natural. They have a large array ranging from clutching toys to architectural building blocks. Make sure you check out the grocery items! (image Haba)

Other fantastic baby / parent gift websites:
Red Envelope
Zac and Zoé
Baby Geared
Modern Nursery
Modern Tots
Baby Wit
Eden Home
Noonoo Design


CraftyRachel said...

Great post, Emily. We love Haba toys too!

Emily said...

Let me know if you want me to bring any to the states to mail to you! We'll be home for Christmas & I'm sure Jax would enjoy a few new toys!