Thursday, October 7, 2010


While my friend Cait was visiting we headed down to Viktualienmarkt and visited Schiffmacher. It's a beautiful shop that reminds me of a Parisian café and they serve Balla Beni's famed gelato. This could turn out to be a lethal combination, because I pass through there frequently. I'm just hoping they continue to serve it through the Autumn and Winter months. I love gelato - even when it's cold out.

Dear Mr. BallaBeni - if you read this, please consider the following flavors: glühwein, pumpkin pie, lebkuchen, and cranberry.

Sincerely yours,


JoernandAllison said...

Seems like a good reason to come to Munich :) Well, that and visiting you! Gelato is yummy no matter what time of the year!

Emily said...

You know how much I love visitors! We'll have to figure something out soon.