Saturday, June 12, 2010

World Cup M&M's

Germany is going absolutely crazy for the World Cup. Everything is African themed and there are displays in virtually every store window - some have even gone as far as having TVs to broadcast the games in their shop windows.

'African' food is also everywhere, although splashing animal prints and Serengeti scenes on the packaging doesn't make the foods authentic.

My favorite part of the world cup is seeing German patriotism, which is typically not displayed due to their past. It's even come through in things like these Peanut M&M's in German colors.

You'd think they would have at least made things more exciting with the new pretzel M&M's that are available in the US. Germany loves pretzels!

I also wish they would start carrying the iridescent premium M&M's that the US has, too.

Maybe I just have to move to Japan where they always have interesting twists on global products. At least the M&M's people are trying - they even have Coconut M&M's coming out (again in the US)!


Anonymous said...

How funny, I just picked up some green & gold Aussie world cup peanut m&m's to snack on... yum!

Emily said...

That's great, Holly! I haven't seen any red white and blue M&Ms... I guess the US hasn't caught the World Cup fever that the rest of the world has.

Amazingly they don't even have them for the 4th of July!

Anna said...

I definitly have to buy those black, red an "gold" m&ms for todays germany match! :)

JoernandAllison said...

You would think that with Christmas M&Ms and Easter M&Ms, they would have 4th of July M&Ms. Strange. I love M&Ms though for their versitilty. Peanut are my fave, but I am so interested to try the pretzel ones now!
Btw, I tried to buy a pack of Premium M&Ms, I too love the look of the iridescent purple ones, but was firmly told "NO" by my dear Swabian husband. I don't think the premuim line would match the Swabian sensibilities in terms of price :)