Wednesday, June 9, 2010

99 luft balloons + a few more

The sun is shining again and we're making the most of having the biergartens all around the city to enjoy with friends.

We were thrilled to have some visitors who made their way here from London - complete with a side trip to Northern France and Paris. If that wasn't enough, they brought us some Pierre Hermé macarons + pastries. I definitely can't get enough of those. They are so thoughtful.

We had just seen Rob and Katie a couple weeks ago in London, but it's so much fun to get together. I took them to all of my favorite places around town and I ate as if I was on vacation as well. We checked out a few of the biergartens, ate some Bavarian foods, and had lazy afternoons.

Just yesterday there was a gorgeous display of red balloons in front of the Opera House. It was there early in the morning to bring attention to the cause of a children's charity, however it was quickly removed before the early evening.

The sight was impressive none the less. I love balloons. They are so whimsical and fun.

Through the past couple of weeks we visited the Bad Tölz Käsefest (cheese festival). There was a huge variety - including sliced cheeses, cheese pralines, raclette, horse cheese!? and the ever traditional rahmbrot. The little calf was especially sweet, too. The sun was blazing, so we were all worn out when we got back to Munich.

This coming weekend is one of the great city celebrations - Munich's founding birthday.

Unfortunately we won't be able to attend, because we'll actually be heading to a wedding, but if you're in town make your way to the city center for a fantastic afternoon.

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Lise said...

It's so much fun to play tourist in your own hometown sometimes.