Tuesday, June 15, 2010

red, white, + blue

So I have a little secret I've been keeping... we're spending much of the World Cup representing Germany all the way over in the US.

We only told a couple friends in town that we were coming, because it gets awfully old rushing around trying to visit everyone. Somehow people easily forget we traveled roughly 4500 miles / 7200 km and expect us to travel to visit them once we get here. It's exhausting. The short trip doesn't make us feel so guilty. Our only full weekend in the US is being spent at a wedding, so we won't be here long.

The good news of being on a mini-vacation is spending ample amounts of time with family and the dogs. We're also enjoying the food, of course. Oh, how I've missed Mexican food.

This is also a great excuse to share photos of Josh + Mieka wearing their German leis and American bandanas. They are bipartisan soccer supporters.

Now that I've shared our secret I'd also like to share some of the red, white, and blue fun through M&M's. I was able to track down a few small bags of pretzel, coconut, and cherry (I didn't even know cherry existed).

Anyone can win - both the M&Ms and the World Cup, so simply leave a comment stating which team you're cheering for and check back on June 23rd when a winner will be chosen randomly.

Best of Luck!

[The giveaway has ended. Congratulations to Cliff1976!]


cliff1976 said...

I was torn when our two favorite vacation countries faced off against each other last night, but shared Mexico's excitement in the end — so please put me down as cheering for them.

Lise said...

Chance to catch up on shopping in the US too. Enjoy the wedding! We're rooting for Germany and South Africa in our house.

WaffleW said...

I'm cheering for USA, England, and Argentina (in that order!).

Anna said...

I am (still) cheering for Germany! So we have to win the next game ;-)

.Reez said...

I'm with your doggies on this one. I, too, will be rooting for USA and Germany!

Lane said...

PRETZEL!? Coconut!? Where are we finding these little gems? I am obsessed!

Jessica {lovely jubbly london} said...

we're cheering for England, although after last night's performance the husband isn't too happy...

JoernandAllison said...

What a surprise that you two are in the States!! I absolutely know the feeling of wanting to keep a visit pretty secret, it keeps the trip much less stressful.
I'm interested to hear what is going on at home with the World Cup. Joern and I will be in Connecticut for the semi-finals through the finals, and I hope that Joern is able to find a way to make it special (especially if Germany makes it.)

As of now, we are cheering for the US, Germany, and Mexico. So far, we're doing really well!

Enjoy your trip and maybe when we're both back in the same country, we can plan to get together!

Cait said...

Good plan on keeping the trip secret, best way to do it, then you can actually enjoy it, rather than feel you have to rush about visiting people who won't come to see you.

I would say Wales, but I don't think they're playing so France! But then again I'm doing rather well at not having seen a single match.

Enjoy the dogs and family. x

Lorry said...

I didn't know ANY of those M&Ms existed! Have things really changed so much since I left? lol

I'm sticking with Denmark, despite a rather embarrassing first match!

Emily said...

Thanks everyone for participating! Cliff1976 was the winner.

You can find pretzel at Target or nearly any grocery store, although the Cherry and Coconut are harder to find. There is a store locator on the M&M's website to find them in your area.