Monday, June 21, 2010

Indiana Wedding

Stefan and I made a little road trip to Indiana for the wedding of our friends Mary Kate and Charlie.

We arrived on Friday for the pre-party after a torrential storm. I was honestly nervous that there would be a tornado. According to the radio winds were up to 100 mph and we should try to get off the road. Unfortunately in Indiana the cities are few and far between, so we tried to continue on. The rain was probably the worst I've ever been in, so we had to pull over for quite a while before I could actually see where we were driving, which isn't easy when you can't even see the edge of the road.

Thankfully once we arrived there were plenty of smiling faces and friends to celebrate with.

It was beautiful and very classic celebration with many wonderful people. Their wedding day was perfect - only blue skies and a few clouds. Mary Kate was radiating as ever. It was great to see her and Charlie so in love.

The reception site was right next to the river and had pretty lights hanging from the ceiling, which gave the place a great sparkle.

Everyone loved dancing the night away to the great band.

Since they live in New York City they decided to round out the reception with soft pretzels and hot dogs, which we all appreciated.

Congratulations MK + Charlie!

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JoernandAllison said...

Its so nice that you were able to make it back for your friend's wedding! I hate, hate, hate driving in crazy rain, so I'm glad to hear you two made it safely to your destination.
What a beautiful wedding, I love simple so very much. Looks like lots of fun!