Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Salzburg in the summer

We have had a dreadfully rainy summer here.

Even so, it's still nice to accompany tourists on their first visit to Salzburg. The city doesn't miss a beat, even when the weather isn't exactly cooperating.

Here are a few details from my most recent trips:

The cathedral is finally finished its facelift and the scaffolding is gone. The printed ads for the radio or of scantily clad women in swimsuits have made way for a refurbished 17th century Baroque façade and the angels crowning the Virgin Mary are once again visible.

Others are still searching for peace. There was an Iranian demonstration that brought tears to my eyes. Seeing the images of Neda Agha-Soltan and simply knowing how many people have been displaced breaks my heart. There's so much violence and struggle for the freedoms that many take for granted.

Fortunately there are small details that offer a bit of hope from the evils people put upon each other. Jaume Plensa has an interesting piece of work in the Residenz courtyard, which is aptly titled 'We'. You may be familiar with his Crown Fountain at the Millennium Park in Chicago.

'We' is made from powder coated steel and has letters and characters from various languages, which he says create building blocks for words and thoughts. I always appreciate how art can often transcend things that language barriers cannot.

I think this piece of work would have been better appreciated in a large open area, where many people would be sure to see it.

At the Residenzplatz were the ever present horses waiting to work. Horses always remind me of Austria, probably because they are present both in Salzburg and, of course, at the Spanish riding school in Vienna.


Gabrielle said...

hey emily! im a junior in highschool and i just left munich for berlin and saw the demonstrations.. they were really touching
also me and my best friend nicole love you blog :)

mmm im not sure if you have already put this on the blog but if not can you tell the story of how you and stefan met, you seem so great together
and also my ex boyfriend (also named stefan) was an exchange student at my school from austria but we had to break up at the end of the year because of course he had to go home :(

JoernandAllison said...

Glad to see you've been keeping busy with your tours. The nice thing about your job is the fact that you can keep going back to Salzburg to watch the city evolve. Sometimes, the cities we live in change without our noticing, but when you visit a city often, somehow it is easier to notice the change. That sculpture is quite interesting, and I will have to find it next time we're in Salzburg.
As always, I love your pictures, they really capture the city!

Emily said...

So nice of you to write. I hope you are enjoying your time here in Germany. There's definitely a lot to see and you're so fortunate to be able to learn by seeing so much first hand.

I don't think I have written about how Stefan and I met. I'll add that to my list of things I need to write about. Sorry to hear about you and your Stefan, perhaps your paths will cross again.

I've definitely been busy! I totally agree though - I love noticing the small details in Salzburg. We'll have to meet up so I can give you guys a tour.

Sometimes I have someone traveling alone that wants to hang out during their free time, but typically I just wander around and take pictures of the city. It never loses its charm.