Sunday, July 26, 2009


Stefan and I have been anxiously awaiting blueberry season and finally it's here. Fortunately we also had the weather on our side, for once, and were able to go bright and early to pick some blueberries.

The fields seem to go and on - and there are certainly plenty of berries to be picked. We did our best to help with that, which is really rather effortless.

Stefan beat me in filling up his bowl since I was taking photos here and there and trying to avoid the random spider web. There were several small children who were also picking berries and they were having such a great time. It was so sweet.

Once again we probably picked too many (8 Lbs / 4 Kilos!), but they never go to waste at our house. I'm already considering all of the options of what I can make with them.

We had some for lunch and I was excited to also try our new ceramic knife. It's very sharp and cuts the most delicate slices, plus it never needs sharpening. Another interesting effect from using ceramic knives is that fruit doesn't oxidize as quickly.

If you live in Munich you can check out nearby fields that offer blueberry picking. (There are also locations for Strawberries and Raspberries as well).


Oom Munich said...

Hi Emily,
Is this place near Johanisskirche (sp?) ? I really want to go blueberry picking too but still have not got time yet.

Such an amazing knife! I am always afraid to hold a sharp knife though...

Emily said...

Hi Oom!

check out that website... that have a list of places (including the one you mentioned in Johanneskirchen). We went to the one in Unterhaching. I'm not entirely certain why they say it's closed until August 4th... they had a similar message up when we went and it was still open.

Oom Munich said...

Oh, just saw your reply. Unterhaching is where i live! So thanks Emily, i will check it out.

Emily said...

We went again this weekend and it was even better than before. The berries are huge and so simple to pick. With minimal effort we had about 3kg in half an hour.