Thursday, July 23, 2009

Geimpft (immunized)

Today we got our first of three rounds of vaccinations at the University. It's nice that they have a special clinic that deals especially with immunizations that are needed for travel.

The Fit for Travel website is also very useful - for both English and German speakers, as is the Center for Disease Control for up to date country specific information.

Something that I really love here in Germany is that they have a yellow passbook that holds all of their immunization records.

Stefan just filled his up, so we both got a new one. His has all of the shots he's been given from the day he was born until now.

I had to tell the doctor my last shots were in 8th grade, which earned me a bit of a scolding. We were both behind on our boosters, however we'll be nearly caught up by the time we leave in September- at least with the most important ones.

Unfortunately I have a history of passing out from shots and I could feel it coming on, so the doctor prepared a drink to get my blood pressure back up which seemed to do the trick.

Mothers also get a book while they are pregnant that they always carry and contains their health records. As the Germans would say, 'wirklich praktisch' (really practical). It certainly does make life easier.

Insurance here has claimed they will pay for all of our vaccinations, which would be very nice considering we went for round one and easily spent over 500€ just today.

After I was having blood pressure issues the doctor laughed as told us he had another women who went to pay and they told her how much she owed that she passed out (also due to low blood pressure).


Abby said...

How exciting! You are well on your way!

Emily said...

I kind of can't believe it myself! We have quite a bit to get taken care of but before we know it we'll be missing Munich.

JoernandAllison said...

It is so exciting that you're checking off all the necessities required for your trip! How wonderful when its all done, and you two are on your way! Just think, only 2 more rounds to go!! And yes, I do think that the little health passports are useful. I have an X-ray pass :)

Emily said...

the best part is that it's close to our favorite ice cream / gelato, so there's at least something small and sweet to get me there. I never knew about the x-ray pass - how cool.