Friday, May 6, 2011

Ohio's African Safari

A few years ago I went with my parents to visit The Wilds, a sanctuary in my home state of Ohio. This conservation center helps to educate people by giving them incredible a first hand safari experience in America's heartland. It's also partnered with the Columbus Zoo, which famed zoo keeper Jack Hanna calls home.

In addition to their safari outings they have recently introduced the opportunity to stay overnight in a yurt at Nomad Ridge. The Wilds encompass about 10,000 acres, which is ⅔ the size of Manhattan, so you might have to remind yourself that you're not in Africa.


Africa safaris said...

this is more of a zoo, you need to visit africa and see the wildlife in their natural habitat some coexisting with human beings

Emily said...

While I'm certain it's best to see animals in their natural habitat, this is the next best option for people who aren't able to make the trip to Africa. It's North America's Largest Conservation Facility.

Hopefully we will make it to Africa for a safari sometime soon.