Monday, August 17, 2009


This weekend our friends invited us to Northern Germany and we decided to spend a few days in Hamburg.

Plenty of people have told us what an amazing city this is, but seeing is believing and now all I can say is that I'm one of those people that says - 'give Hamburg a visit, you'll love it!'

I'll write more once we get home later this week (in addition to plenty of photos), but there are so many charming details here, including:

  • an enormous ship yard filled with loads of boats
  • a sprawling and diverse city with canals virtually everywhere
  • tons of adorable little shops
  • amazingly delicious and inexpensive restaurants
  • Speicherstadt + Hafencity - my favorite up and coming areas. All I can say is once this is completed it's going to be even more amazing, which is hard to believe. I even kind of wish I could move there.

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