Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Gift guide: For a Cause

I love the old adage that 'Time can't be bought, only spent.'

While not everyone has the time or capability to volunteer, you can still intertwine helping others through shopping, during the holidays and year round.

1. smart glass - jewelry and ornaments that bring new life from recycled glass. (image smart glass jewelry)

2. Pandabo - a strategic stacking game that is made from bamboo. Bamboo is a sustainable material that can grow up to 47 inches in 24 hours. It also regenerates from its own roots. (image childtrek)

3. Guatemalan hand blown ornaments - These are pretty and simple enough to leave up year round. (image 3 r living)

4. Gift a tree - plant it for a special memory and watch it grow. (image arbor day)

5. African wildlife keychains - Made by the Dupoto's Women Group of Kenya, with 60-65% of profits going back to them and supporting Beads for Education. (image awf)

6. Eco Friendly water powered clock - No need for batteries, simply use water, salt, and lemon. (image bedol)

7. Adopt an Olive tree - Complete with deliveries in the spring and autumn. (image nudo)

8. World Wide Orphans Foundation - stationery with delightful drawings from orphans around the world. (image world wide orphans foundation)

9. Solar Charger - good for phones, ipods, etc. Great for traveling and not running out of batteries. (image solar style)

10. Guerilla Gardening - for the slightly rebellious, this book focuses on the aspects of beautifying spaces that they don't own. (image amazon)

11. Peace plaque - a simple statement with proceeds going to the Palestine Children's Welfare Fund. (image global exchange store)

12. Rice bags for animal rescue - Help fair trade and women in Cambodia that create these unique bags. (image the animal rescue site)

Other stores selling eco-friendly goods:
Nigel's Eco Store
Ten Thousand Villages
At West End
Branch Home
7 Loaves
3 R Living
African Wildlife Foundation
eco mall

Donating in someone's name is always a nice gift that makes even more people/animals happy. Research and find a worthy cause that is meaningful or purchase from shops that align with your beliefs.

Here are a few of the endless charity ideas:
Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary
Heifer International
Genocide Intervention
Farm Sanctuary
Audobon Nature Institute


Holly said...

I love all of those ideas, Emily! Both of our families do endless charity and green gifts so I know I'll definitely use some of the ones you've suggested.

The Guerilla Gardening is perfect for MIL :) And, we always do Heifer b/c it's the gift that keeps giving!

Emily said...

That's so fun that you guys give gifts like that. I'm glad I could help with some ideas and I can't wait to hear what you receive this year.